The Cat in the Hat Came to Our Class! (and a freebie!)

We are celebrating Seuss week a little later than most because of our vacation two weeks ago.  It is so fun to dress up and do fun activities every day.  This year I decided to kick it off with a bang.  The little ones walked in the door yesterday morning and who did they see.... THE CAT IN THE HAT!  He made a big mess in our classroom and even left his footprints everywhere!!!  Oh my goodness... the nerve of that cat! He even wrote our morning message in rhyme. 

Okay, so it's just a huge poster that I got at the teacher store.  But you would have thought that a celebrity (Justin Bieber?  iCarly?) visited.  The kids were obsessed with finding out what he had messed up in our room.  Someone accidentally switched two of our playdough lids, and that poor cat got the blame!  They were theorizing all day about how he had done it.  Does he come to life at night like Corduroy and the toys in Toy Story?  Did the "real" cat from the movie come, and leave his picture on our door as a clue?  So cute!

Here are some sweet Seuss quotes typed up for you, plus the footprints that I cut out and laminated for our entry way.  Plus, here's a clue about what we did today. Any guesses?

Seuss Quotes


Ms. Chrissy B said...

That's such a cute idea! I'm sure they had so much fun!
Buzzingwith Ms. B

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