The Sunday Blues, and a SALE!

I have a SERIOUS case of The Sunday Blues.  All I want to do is plan which PJs I will change into next, or which errands I can do at a very leisurely pace next week on vacation.  Instead I am lesson planning and writing 22 progress reports and feeling all NERVOUS about tomorrow.  I haven't seen the little ones in nine whole days, which to a four year old (and maybe even to a 27 year old) is an eternity!

In other news, EVERYTHING in my TPT store is 20% off from today through Wednesday the 29th.  On Wednesday, TPT will give you an addtiional 10% off, which means that everything will be 30% off.  I think.  The banner that TPT gave me says 28%, but when I add 20 + 10 I get 30.  Who knows?  28% or 30%... both are a super good deal.  Woo hoo!  Just enter the promo code L2P9Y. 

or maybe even Fun with Fire Safety?

Happy shopping!

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Miss S. said...

Such a cute blog! I just found you tonight and I am utterly enjoying the posts! You had me with the Pink Flamingo!!!
I'm a follower!

Miss S
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