Confessions and Dr. Seuss

I am on vacation.  It is glorious.  I am SO SO SO sorry to those of you who don't get a February break.  If it is any consolation, I'm pretty sure that this vacation started in order to save the school systems up here in the Northeast some money on heating bills.  Don't be too jealous... last year at this time I was in Cozumel drinking Margaritas in a bikini.  This year I am in sweatpants in the suburbs of Boston.  Almost as beautiful, but not quite as warm.  Wink, wink!

I have been super busy picking paint colors and forcing my boyfriend to paint and repaint our den.  To be fair, it's his fault because he insists on keeping the ugly atrocious outdated wood paneling and pretty much nothing goes with it.  So far we have tried gray, four shades of blue, two shades of green and now are moving on to a creamy beige type color.  Poor guy!  I have also been cooking, organizing, going to the gym and hanging out in my vacation uniform of yoga pants and sweatshirts.  It's magical!

In my spare time I have pinned a few fun new ideas for Dr. Seuss.  We will be having Dr. Seuss week the week after his birthday (the week of March 5th) so that the teachers kids have a week to get back in the swing of things before we start doing tons of fun and crazy activities and wearing silly outfits.

Homemade Truffala Trees!
How freaking adorable are these?  They are made with plumbing foam (very cheap), yellow duct tape and tissue paper!  I would LOVE to have these all over our entryway on Monday morning when the kids come to school.  

Green Eggs & Ham Snack
This is so easy!  Just two pretzel sticks, a white chocolate candy melt and a green M&M.  Easy and delicious... my two favorite things :)

Cat in the Hat Snack
Jello and Cool Whip (I think?).  Yum!

I am definitely printing up one of these babies and posting it on my classroom door.  I might even think of a cute way to send it home for the parents to keep to remind them to turn those reading logs in!


Cupcake said...

Love these ideas!! I'm def. going to make the green eggs and ham! And the jello looks amazing :)

A Cupcake for the Teacher

Michelle Griffo said...

We are going to make a craft out of those trees!!! I can't wait!!!

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