Winter Wonderland Pinspiration

I am SO enjoying having this beautiful, FREEZING COLD day off.  I have been spending my day watching Intervention & the Real Housewives of Atlanta, doing a bajillion loads of laundry, cleaning and cooking.  Love it!  I have also been all over Pinterest, of course, where I found tons of ideas that might actually help me enjoy the artic tundra outside (otherwise known as winter in New England).  Here are a few pins that inspired me:

How freaking cute is this polar bear?!?  He is made out of a paper plate, shaving cream, glue and an Oreo nose!

Mitten suncatchers.  So adorable!  These are made with contact paper and tissue paper.  I might try them out with some leftover laminate.  Do you think it would work?

Snowman brace map with labels.  This is perfect for all of the labeling we have been doing lately : )

Snowman glyphs... perfect for teaching little ones to analyze data while doing something super fun.

 Adorable snowman letter matching game.  I just printed this one up!

Snowman salt letters.  I love that there is another use for the cards, and that the kids will love how the salt looks like snow.  Perfect for tactile learners.
Also, Ms. C found {THIS} amazing website with tons of winter activity ideas and printables.  I especially love the animal track playdough center, ice science activities and super cute snowman letter sounds bingo. 


Elisabeth said...

The laminate film totally works! try it sometime! Love these ideas!


Kristin said...

Super fun stuff!! :)
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Randi said...

Hey Mary,

It is so nice to have an extra day off! I think your pictures are awesome. What ever did we do before Pinterest??? I love the snowman Brace Map ~ it really makes the whole to part visual. Love it!

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Jess said...

That polar bear is so cute! Don't you just LOVE Pinterst!?! Eeek such an obsession!
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Amy said...

You can use wax paper and watered down glue to make the tissue paper sun catchers. Have the kids brush on the glue a little at a time and put the tissue paper down. We trace around a pattern and then cut it out when dry.

Michelle Griffo said...

I LOVE your blog! I am your newest follower!!!
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