These are a Few of my Favorite Pins!

Do you like my terrible play on my favorite song from The Sound of Music?  Since my stubborn phone is REFUSING to let me upload any of the awesome pictures I have taken lately, I decided to show you a few of my latest "Pinspirations" instead.

DIY light table!  Can be used to make connections to books, explore shapes, science experiments and more.  How much would they LOVE using this?  The best part is that it is made out of a plastic container, a tube of lights and some mylar.  Cheap and magical!

Amazing letter sorting table.  You could use it with magnet letters, letter tiles, foam letters, letter puzzles... just about anything!  I know my kids would love this one, and it's super easy!

Fine motor in the sand & water table.  They will LOVE using tongs to scoop up the pom poms or anything else you could dream up.  This could also be used with containers labelled with numerals to practice counting and one to one correspondence.

The world's best bubbles.  Three ingredients.  Enough said!

FREE and adorable ABC tracing pages.  I used these in my homework packet this week, and the kids are loving it.  The clip art is SOOO cute!
What are your favorite pins this week?

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