The Snowy Day & a Freebie!

The Snowy Day is one of my most favorite children's books of all time.  It is so colorful and just so magical.  I am pretty sure that any child who has ever seen snow immediately relates to and loves it!  Here in New England, ALL of my students are obsessed with playing in the snow.  

Luckily, The Snowy Day is also a key read aloud in our Wind and Water unit.  Every year, I try to wait until the first big snow to read this book.  To make it a little more magical, I scoop up a snowball from outside right before reading (we are lucky to have a door right in the classroom that goes outside) and put it in a clear container.  While I do the read aloud, we watch and see what happens to the snowball!  Hint: I may or may not strategically place my illegal handy space heater to aid the melting process a bit.  I also stop right after Peter packs his snowball and write down the kids' predictions about what will happen when he goes inside.  Sometimes they come up with some pretty hilarious answers!

Here are a few worksheets that I whipped up to go along with the book.
  1. Illustrate and write about their favorite part of the book
  2. Stop reading after Peter makes his snowball and have students illustrate and write about their predictions.  When they are finished, they share briefly and then you finish the read aloud.
  3. Students trace the vocabulary word, then illustrate each word.
When you download there are more lines and the formatting is better... I don't know why it doesn't show up when I embed it!

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