Shopping List Freebie

Warning: this post is not exactly teaching related.  Getting organized is one of my top New Years Resolutions (and yes, I have thousands several).  I have written before about my obsession with my grocery shopping list.  I used to use this one
But this one was on sale, so I am now using it.

To be honest, I love them both equally!

In preparation for New Years, I decided to make a similar list for all of my Target/Walmart needs.  I am always going into those stores, forgetting what I came for and end up walking out without half of the things I came for, and with a cartload of other stuff that I don't necessarily need.

Here is the list I made.  I did it in four colors, just for fun.  I included both a PDF version to save the formatting, and a Word version so that you can customize it for your own needs.  If you do, I would love to know what you added so I can change mine too :)

Enjoy, and have a happy, organized new years!

Target Walmart Shopping List - PDF

Target Walmart Shopping List - Word

*I used Doodle Script size 26 for the header, and Doodle Tipsy size 12 for the rest of the document*

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