Fabulous Holiday Ideas

Hey, all.  I have heard rumors that some people's last day of school is this Friday.  LUCKIES!  We go until the 23rd, so I have plenty of time left to cram in a few fun holiday projects.  If we touch on Christmas, then we also need to make sure that we include all of the other winter holidays that the children celebrate.  I sent home a questionnaire at the beginning of the school year to make sure that I am including everyone.

Here are some great (mostly Christmas) ideas from my Pinterest board.  I would loveeee some Ramadan, Hannukah or Kwanza ideas if anyone has some!

This would make an adorable and inexpensive gift!

How cute is this?!?

I love any activity where you can mix a little art, a little fine motor and a whole lotta cuteness.

As Rachel Zoe would say, "I DIE!"


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Kristin said...

We make dreidels with FOOD! YUM!!! All you need is a big marshmallow, a pretzel stick, a hershey's kiss, and something for "glue". I used to use peanut butter (delicious with the hershey's kiss) but due to allergies and all that drama, I switched over to frosting. :)
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