Don't Hate Me!

SO here it is... I feel like the worst blogger in the whole wide world.  Really!  Every time in the last few weeks that I saw my little icon in my internet toolbar, I get a pang of guilt.  I feel like I owe my wonderful, fabulous followers a little bit of an explanation about why on earth I have been so MIA lately.
1. Work!  I have been tutoring after school three days a week on top of all the other craziness.
2. Grad school.  These two classes that I am taking this semester are KILLING me.  I have never had so much work due all at once.
3.  We moved into our new house less than three weeks ago.  It is darling and I love it, but so much work!  So far we have painted every room on the first floor, hung about a billion curtains, installed all new blinds and dealt with having no sink or dishwasher for a week.  Whew!
4. After living in our house for 13 days, I threw a huge surprise 30th birthday party for my boyfriend.  There were probably 40 people in our house, and I was scrambling for DAYS trying to get everything cleaned up, cooked and bought.  I know, I'm a nutcase!  It was all worth it for the super surprised look on his face when he walked in.

ANYWAY, I promise to get back into the bloggy swing of things VERY soon.  It is my super early New Year's resolution.  Thanks for hanging in with me, and I promise you lots of new posts and free downloads very soon!

A sneak peek of our Christmas card, taken in front of our new house!

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