I am a huge fan of teaching drawing in my classroom.  I use this book throughout the year, both in whole group lessons, at the writing center and in my homework packets.  The kids LOVE it, and it really teaches them how to draw step-by-step.  I also find that having drawing materials available sparks childrens interest in writing stories (so that they can draw!). 

I have been looking for some additional drawing tools lately, and finally I saw this on Pinterest and loved it, but when I tried to copy and paste it, it got all wonky.  I decided to freehand my own version.  You can download it by clicking {HERE}.  I am thinking that I may frame it and hang it on the wall in our Writing Center.  Enjoy!


Michelle Rist said...

Thanks for the drawings! Love them! You inspired me to give away my animal drawing/writing book on my blog! Thanks for sharing! http://inspiredbykindergarten.blogspot.com/

Russell Campbell said...

I agree that it is very important to teach children how to draw just as we teach them to print. My heart always breaks when a little guy says "I don't know how to draw." We would never accept that if the statement was "I don't know how to read."

*katie said...

Love this, thank you!