Happy Halloween!

I took a few pictures of some of the activities we did today, but I was a pretty terrible photographer because I forgot a few key shots of the finished products... whoops!

Handprint Spiders 
 First we used white paint on black paper to marble paint a web.  They LOVED this, plus it was super easy!  Through trial and error I found that if you spoon the paint onto the paper in a spiral-ish shape it looks most like a web when they are done.

 While the webs were drying, we made hand print spiders.  Just paint the palm of one hand plus four fingers purple (or whichever color you want your spider to be).  Press it down on the paper once.  Now turn the paper and press the hand down a second time to make four more legs.  When it is dry, add googly eyes.  Next, cut the spider out and glue it onto the web.  Super easy, cute and fun!  I promise to post finished photos soon!

Tissue Paper Candy Corns
At first, I wanted to do the adorable stained glass type of candy corn found here, but honestly we did not have enough time (and I did not have enough patience to cut out all of the construction paper and waxed paper pieces!).  Instead, I had them glue tissue paper squares onto a candy corn template.  I ran the template through the copier, trimmed it with a large paper cutter and did the corners with scissors.  Very quick, easy and cute!  Are you sensing a theme here?!?  You can download the candy corn template for free {HERE}.
 This is not the best example... I found that for better results use a pencil to lightly draw the lines, and encourage kids to completely cover each section.

Spooky Spider Cupcakes
Due to a freak snowstorm blizzard that hit on Saturday night, one of the Halloween parties we were supposed to go to was canceled.  Lucky for my little ones, I still made the cupcakes that were originally for the party and brought them to school today.  I needed a super easy decorating idea, and found an adorable one that one of my friends posted on facebook.  All you need to do is draw a few concentric circles, then drag a toothpick through to make a web.  Stick a spider ring on top (I got mine at iParty) and voila!  Easy peasy spooky wooky spider cupcakes.  The kids were obsessed (plus, the inside of the cupcakes were Halloween Funfetti.  Yum!).  I am SO mad at myself for not taking a picture of my final product, but I posted a similar one that I found on another blog.

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