The Fire Station!

Yesterday we went on our first field trip.  We visited the fire station (we are so lucky to have one a few blocks away from school)!  The kids absolutely LOVED it.  I love that it not only teaches them about fire safety, but expands their vocabulary.  This is extra important, as 17 of my 22 little ones speak another language at home.  The firefighters used words like hose, wrench, axe, siren, smoke detector, hydrant and so much more.

For three days before we visited the fire station we did many of the centers from my Fire Safety Unit.  The kids loved them!  It wasn't until our THIRD DAY IN A ROW of indoor recess, though, that I found some amazing resources on You Tube.  THE KIDS LOVED THEM (plus, they totally saved my sanity).  Even better, I found that they understood the concepts much better after having watched the videos.

Here were their favorites:

A book AND a song? Perfection! I might use this as a listening center next week.

Real fire trucks in action... They all loved it, especially the boys!

This is a great movement activity! Plus, they thought it was HILARIOUS that the lady was running in circles.

 I'll be honest, I can't STAND this song but they adored it. I did love, however, that it teaches when it's appropriate to call 911 and when it's not. I even overheard two little girls quizzing each other today ("Can you call 911 if you get a boo boo on your leg?" "No!" "Can you call 911 if your friend's house catches fire?" "Yes!") So cute.

Sparky the fire dog. Enough said! They couldn't get enough and literally begged for "Just one more time!!! Please?!?"

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