Easy Peasy Math Center AND Coupons!

I just sat down and made a fun, colorful shapes mini word wall.  I am a HUGE fan of mini word walls.  In my classroom I use them in acrylic 8 x 10" frames (I got mine for a dollar or two at Christmas Tree Shops).  You can find them all over my room at the writing center, science center, block area and more!  I printed out two copies of this one and put them back to back inside the frame.  Then I gave the children pipe cleaners and have them create the shapes.  You could also use play dough, popsicle sticks, straws, wikki stix... the possibilities are endless.  Voila!  Super easy, inexpensive and it is great for developing understanding of shapes as well as developing vocabulary.  Grab your free copy {HERE}.

I also found a fabulous coupon from Snapfish... 300 prints for only $3!  Just enter the code SPOOKY300 at checkout.  It is good through November 6th.  I ordered tons of personal pictures and a bunch of my little ones as well.  I have a few projects in mind already!

Another great deal is a 50 oz bottle of Tide for $3.99 with free shipping!  You just have to log into your Amazon account and click on the $2 coupon.  Thanks to Moske Monkey Business for the tip!

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