And the Winners Are...

Congrats, Amy & Cheryl!  Please email me at so that I can send you your copy of the Autumn Math Fun unit.  Nobody guessed Pauly D, so I decided to give away the copies to both ladies who guessed Snooki.  All those rhinestones that you saw in the picture ended up on the glasses, thanks to Gorilla Glue (which was also fitting, because Snooks is always looking for "Gorilla Juiceheads").

I loved all of your guesses!  It was the silliest and most ridiculous costume ever but we had lots of fun!  And don't worry, the umm bottle that I have in the picture was just an empty prop.  I have a mysterious death virus that will not go away so I was actually drinking cranberry juice and ginger ale the whole night.  It's too bad that you can't see my huge pink fuzzy slippers in the photo, and that Pauly ditched all of his DJ equipment.

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Unknown said...

You are too cute! Thanks! :)