Pinterest Inspired Project, Part Two

I am so excited to finally be done making this display for the yucky basement walls outside my classroom.  Yesterday, you saw how I made the cute clothespins.  Today, I am making the paper background.

1. Cut scrapbook paper into 10" by 12" rectangles that coordinate with your cute border.

2. Glue scrapbook paper onto sentence strips.  I chose to put either five or six pieces of paper together in order to make it easier to transport to school.
 This is the view from the back.
3. Reinforce with packing tape.  I love Scotch heavy duty shipping tape.

4. Glue on your border and reinforce with tape.  I tried to overlap the border and the paper as little as possible in order to leave more room for the display.
 View from the back:
5. Laminate

6. Attach the clothespins to your display using a hot glue gun.

7.  Hang it up.  I used industrial strength velcro, regular velcro and adhesive foam squares.  Better safe than sorry!
Enjoy!  Now you have a super cute and easy display for all of your little ones' hard work.  I can't wait to jazz it up with a title, a few cute cut outs and my kids first kindergarten drawings!

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Kendra said...

Wow! That looks amazing. Completely changes the look from prison to classroom!