Pinterest Inspired Project, Part One

For three years now, I have been trying to figure out how to create a beautiful display for my students' work on our crumbly, painted brick basement walls.  When I was browsing on Pinterest a few days ago, I found this beauty:

This displays work with clothespins, making it both super cute and super easy to change out work!

First up, I wanted to make fun polka dot clothespins. 

1. Clip clothespins to a box.  If you are using two colors, it would be easier to use two boxes.  I learned this the hard way!

2. Spray clothespins on all sides with spray paint.  I used Krylon paint in Jade and Watermelon.  I did three coats.

3. Use a Q tip or paint brush to apply polka dots.  I used white acrylic paint.

4. Seal with several layers of clear spray paint.

5. Have a quality control inspector check your work (this step optional).



Miss Kindergarten said...

Those turned out sooo cute!! What a great idea to clip them to a box! And I LOVE your inspector!

Miss Kindergarten

Amanda said...

This is such a great idea, I've always just painted them one by one! Off to find a card board box!!