My Vistaprint Order is Here!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE getting packages in the mail.  I feel like a little kid on Christmas when I come home and there is something on my porch, even if it is something that I picked out, paid for and have been obsessively tracking for days.  That is why I am so excited that my Vistaprint order *finally* arrived!

Here is what I got with my $50 living social deal, plus a little more (I just couldn't stop!). 

 I love these notepads more than words!  It is so easy to just jot down a quick note with ALL of your contact info handy.  A sidenote: I know that many people do not give out their cell phone numbers.  For me, it works!  I always end up using my phone to call them anyway, so I really don't mind them having my number.  Occasionally I will send them a quick picture message to show them what their child is doing.  They love it, and in five years I have never had anyone misuse it.

 I am loving this stamp.  It adds a splash of color to important papers that might be overlooked otherwise.

Cute address labels for my welcome to school letters and any other correspondence that I will need to do throughout the year.

 This is the front and back of our new "Now I Know My ABC's!" certificate.  It's really a postcard, but they will love that it is colorful and glossy.  I plan to use these when children have mastered all of their letters.  We will make a HUGE deal when presenting them with the certificate.

This ADORABLE poster will help show off all of the hard work that the little ones are doing.  I think it is a pretty snazzy way to jazz up our hallway displays.  I also love that it is made out of a material that it is a little more resilient than a regular poster.

Last but not least a little notepad for my personal use.  I love to jazz up my to do lists!