Inside My School Bag Linky Party

Abby at The Inspired Apple is having a linky party.  I have about a billion bags (don't all teachers?) but this one is my absolute favorite.  Honestly, it is in serious need of washing and I am too embarrassed to post an actual picture of it!  My boyfriend bought me this L.L. Bean Bag a few Christmases ago and had it monogrammed in a pretty script.  It is super duper sturdy.  The website says that it can hold up to 500 pounds.  Jeez!  I love how the canvas stays super stiff and nothing ever spills out of it.  

I have the model with longer straps so that I can sling it over my shoulder.  These bags are handmade in Maine (my favorite state), and L.L. Bean has a LIFETIME replacement policy.  I was once in line returning something there, when the man in front of me returned a pair of boots that he had bought in 1972.  And they replaced them!  NO I AM NOT KIDDING.  This is why I buy from this fabulous company.
The first thing inside my school bag right now is my lunchbox, also from L.L. Bean.  You can spill anything inside of this baby (and trust me, I have) and it wipes right off.  I also throw it in the washer from time to time.  Love it!  Also, can you tell that I am just a bit pink obsessed?  I can't help it... I always have been!

Aside from about 13 pencils and 14 Crayola markers (both thick and thin), here's what is in my bag:

My curriculum.  We use Real Math Building Blocks for math and Opening the World of Learning for literacy.  I honestly love both of them!  They give you some great material to use, books and lesson plans and thematic centers but also gives you the flexibility to tweak it for your students' needs.

My snazzy zebra pencil case, which I love because it's super durable and fun.  Of course, my heavy duty Scotch tape which I use for everything from hanging things up to faux laminating.  I also love these Staedtler Lumocolor pens.  The case can be bent so that the pens are propped up.  Fun!  Also I have a random stapler floating around in there.

This is my Brown Bear Brown Bear idea binder.  It's hard to tell from the glare off of my cell phone camera.  Also, the October Scholastic flyer.  These are my two projects for tonight: prepping Brown Bear centers and typing up a welcome to book clubs letter.  I always give a few suggestions to help parents decide what to get.

Last but not least two books for the grad class I am taking now.  I thought I would have time to do some reading during my lunch... HAHA!  Of course, I was completely swamped today and didn't even crack them open.  Oh well, at least my biceps got a little extra workout from lugging them around.

There are tons more items floating around in the bottom of my bag, including but not limited to:
  • Love notes from my students last year
  • Gum
  • Paperclips
  • A very crumpled to do list
  • Two pads of Post-Its with random scrawls and notes to myself


Kendra said...

You're trying to tell me there's no money at the bottom? I don't believe that for a second?

Chrissy said...

I have this bag and I love it!

Mrs. Cave said...

I have the same bag - pink with long handles - and it's about 5 years old. I recently washed it and now it's all wrinkly. I love how strong and durable it is!

Check out mine!

Amanda said...

Hello! I love your blog! I am new kindergarten teacher and was just wondering if you would mind sharing your welcome to book clubs letter with the suggestions on books parents should get. I would greatly appreciate it! Here is my email address Thanks so much!

Em said...

So many cute bags out there. I love the long handles on yours! I am late to Abby's party, here is my bag