Let's Make a Classroom Sign

I was so inspired by all of the adorable classroom signs that teachers have made that I just HAD to make my own!  Instead of making one with my name on it, I decided to make one for the parent engagement board outside my classroom.

At first I shopped at Home Depot for ceiling tiles, but I could only find humongous ones.  At A.C. Moore I found 11 by 14" canvases on sale, two for six or seven dollars. Here's what I
did (I forgot to take pictures until I was halfway done... whoops!):

1. Use blue painter's tape to mark two rectangles in the center of the canvas.  The two rectangles should have  a small space between them.
2. Use a foam brush to paint the space between the rectangles.  Lift the tape and let the rectangle dry.
3. Paint large circles in a variety of colors.  I chose red, orange, yellow, blue and purple.  Let them dry.
4. Use a Q-tip to make smaller dots throughout.
5. Use a toothpick to make smaller dots around some of the large, colorful circles (see bottom picture).  I used the same turquoise that I had used for my rectangle.
6. Experiment with a variety of fonts until you find one you love.  I chose to mimic the top font, Doodle Tipsy, while using the "i" from the bottom font, Pea Heather Michelle.
7.  Use a pencil to *very lightly* write out your letters.  I also recommend using a ruler to keep your words level and centered.
8.  Paint over the pencil markings.
9. Use the handle of a small paintbrush to make orange polka dots around the inside of your rectangle.

Ta Da!
All that's left to do is hot glue some cute ribbon to the top and hang it up.  I will take a better picture as soon as I do that.  This one is a cell phone picture with semi-terrible lighting.

Here were my great sources of inspiration for this project: Mrs. Propp, The Inspired Apple, and Doodlefriends.

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