Three for Thursday

I couldn't participate in "Where it all goes Down Wednesday" yesterday because not only is my classroom not finished, I haven't even started!  We aren't even allowed in the building until Monday, which is great for me because I have about a thousand little projects to do before then PLUS some adventuring to do as well.  This is where I adventured yesterday with my best friend:
 Beautiful Rockport, MA.  Isn't it cute?  We ate lobster rolls and went shopping at a bunch of adorable little shops.
 Recognize this building?  It is called Motif No. 1 and is the most famous building in Rockport.  It was featured in the movie "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, which was supposed to take place in Sitka, Alaska but was actually filmed along the coast of Massachusetts.

ANYWAY, here is my Three for Thursday:
1. Favorite Fonts
2. Favorite Blog
It was WAYYYY to hard to pick just one!
The blog that inspired me to start blogging myself was First Grader... At Last!
The home/food/photography/crafts/fonts blog that I HAVE compulsively check every day is Kevin and Amanda.
My newest favorite blogs are Creating and Teaching and Crafty Teacher Lady.

3. Favorite Online Resource
 This is another toughie.  I adore Pinterest for letting me save all of the fabulous ideas I find and categorizing them.  I also get tons of great ideas and printables from Making Learning Fun.

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