Mini Fabric Pennant Banners

As you may know, I have a slight obsession with adorable fabric pennant banners.  I had tons of fabric left over from my original pennant project, so I decided to make mini banners to use on my teacher corkboard, on the parent news board and on other yet to be named places throughout my classroom.

I set to work making mini-pennants, and I couldn't be happier.  I alternated two inch wide triangles with one and a half inch triangles to give it a little visual interest.  I think this method works best if you have an odd number of colors.  I am rocking a five color pattern here.  I just LOVE how cheerful and fun they are!

 Click {HERE} to download free instructions for regular and mini pennant banners!  I also have a step by step tutorial for the larger banners {HERE}.
If this obsession continues, I might end up with Halloween themed pennants, snowflake pennants, St. Patrick's Day pennants... this could just go on and on!  I could also end up single (just kidding... I hope!  haha)