It's a Beautiful Day for...

Online shopping!

Thanks to Hurricane Irene, there are crazyyy winds and rain everywhere!  You literally could not pay me to go outside right now (or to get out of my PJs, but that's another story).  Bath and Body Works must have been reading my mind, because they sent me an email with a perfect one day deal.  Their antibacterial handsoaps are on sale!  5 soaps for $15 or 7 for $20 (that's only $2.85 each!).  I love these yummy smelling soaps and always have them next to my kitchen and bathroom sinks.  Of course I had to order seven of them!  I got this little guy for my classroom.  Isn't he cute?  Cute (or scary) soaps are one way to make sure that kindergartners wash their germy little hands!

I also got sucked into looking at the pocket sized hand sanitizers, which are on sale 5 for $5.  I was so happy to find these spooky ones:
 And these DELICIOUS smelling back to school scents!  Yum!  How can anyone resist peanut butter and jelly, or rice krispy treats.  It's making me hungry already.
Also, they are offering $1 shipping if you order $25 or more (and how could you not?!?).  The promo code is ANTIBAC25.  Hopefully we will all be smelling good and not getting sick when school starts (even though I ALWAYS end up with at least one case of strep throat per year). 

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