I ♥ Matt Damon

I have loved Matt Damon since 1997 when I first saw Good Will Hunting (my favorite move of all time).  Now I love him even more!  Check it out!

In other news, I am still looking for a few people to guest post for me.  I have a few great ones scheduled for the two weeks that I am on vacation.  I even weaseled my best friend into writing one!  Well, it wasn't that hard because she is a fabulous sport and a teacher herself.  Click {HERE} to learn how to do a guest post (it's easy!)


Tanya Solano said...

So glad he is standing up for educators! Hopefully others will jump on the wagon with him to help educators get the support they {we} deserve!

Jenn Bess said...

I knew I always loved that guy :) Go Matt Damon!