Guest Blogger - Getting Crafty with Eric Carle

I was so eager for you to have posts to read while I am on vacation that I even suckered my very best friend in the whole wide world into writing one.  She is an amazing teacher and photographer... I know you will love her Eric Carle art!    Mary

Hi everyone! Guest blogger Kendra here!

I went to BU with Mary and now we live just five minutes apart. During the school year I teach 5th grade (in a middle school) so I spend most of my time with older students. However, during the summer I teach art and photography to 6-8 year olds at Digital Media Academy. I know that so many primary teachers use Eric Carle and our first day at camp is all about him! A great, fun activity for the students is when we design our own paper just like he does! The students then use this paper to create collage animals. In the classroom, their animals could easily be used to compliment and/or inspire poetry, non-fiction writing, math activities, or more! Just keep in mind that this project requires two days (so that the papers can dry after the first).

Here's how we make it happen...

1. The students each get a few pieces of paper and watercolor paint in primary colors. (We use the paint from AC Moore).

2. Each student paints the entire piece of each of the 3 pages in solid colors. They can mix paints if they want, depending on the color of their animal. 
3. Before the paint dries, students then add texture using a fork and/or paint brush.
Dotting the paint brush lightly makes for a great fur texture.

Dragging the fork along in the paint can make the texture of sea or sky.

4. Let the paper dry. (At camp we let it dry overnight but it's usually ready in about 4 hours).
5. Have the students trace objects or free hand draw their animals on the white side of the paper. Then, they cut them out and glue them onto a white paper background. It's helpful to show them layering techniques so they understand that what is on top actually goes on last.

Here are a few final product examples!

The Mixed-Up Cameleon works as a great aid to this project because it shows the students lots of different animals for inspiration. Or, just having a bucketful of Eric Carle books will do the trick!

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Mary said...

I am obsessed with the frog! Thanks for the fabulous post :o)