There is a fantastic little farmer's market in my neighborhood every Saturday morning.  I have SO much fun shopping for delicious fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, desserts and much, much more.  When I was there this week, I was thinking about how wonderful it would be to take my students on a field trip there, or to another farmer's market.  They all live in the city, and many have not seen fresh food other than what they see in the grocery store.  Just think of the vocabulary and schema they would build!  A field trip like this would be perfect to go with my Plants and Seeds Unit and Vegetable Games units.

Here are a few pictures I snapped at the market.

Here is what I bought on Saturday.  I didn't take the pictures until Sunday, so some of them are looking a little less fresh than they were when I first bought them.

Look who snuck in to "help" me again!



Fresh eggs... yum!

In honor of farmer's markets and "Christmas in July," I am putting these two units on sale until this Friday, July 22nd.  The Plants and Seeds Unit is only $4.00 and Vegetable Games is only $1.50!  Head on over and get yours today!

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Anonymous said...

I have totally been lurking on your blog, Mary, and thought I should come out of hiding to say how much I love you (and Prince William, of course lol)!