Pinterest Linky Party

Did you know that you can find out who has pinned ideas from your blog on Pinterest?  I got this magical tip from The Teacher's Lane.  Just type in your blog name.  So, for example, mine is:

Speaking of Pinterest, I recently separated all of my teacher pins onto two separate boards:  Classroom and Lessons and Activities.  This helps me find what I am looking for much more quickly.

Here are some of my latest fabulous pins on pinterest:
Alphabet sound mat.  The free download is available {HERE}

Repurposed dishrack as a reading/writing center.  This would be great for reading response, a listening center, my science table, etc.

I am determined to make a fabric banner like this for my classroom... so adorable!  You can find the tutorial {HERE}.

ADORABLE alphabet art.  How great would this be for letter of the week?


Rose said...

Wow! love the alphabet art. My school is going to Imagine It this coming year. We will be doing a letter a day so this would be a great activity. Do you have directions for these anywhere and would you be willing to share?
Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Miner said...

Awesome share about people who have "pinned" your stuff. I never dreamed that anyone had and guess what? There was about 10 different people pinning my ideas. Love it! Woo hoo! thanks again!
Mrs.Miner’s Monkey Business