My Latest Scores...

I have to say that I am SO, SO sad that Borders is closing. I have spent many hours perusing the aisles, picking the perfect read aloud to accompany a theme or topic. The silver lining in this situation, however, is that everything is on sale. Here are a few of my best finds:
MAX!  I love, love, love Max and I love, love, love Where the Wild Things Are.  When I applied for my job I had to teach a demo lesson.  I did a read aloud of Where the Wild Things Are and an activity to go along with it.  I am still convinced that my love of this book (and reading it complete with crazy voices and facial expressions) helped me to land the job!  And the best part?  He only cost me $5.59!
I have been LUSTING after this Melissa and Doug pizza set for two years now.  We teach a pizza mini unit every fall, so this will be PERFECT for setting up a pizza shop in our dramatic play area.  I can't wait to see the little ones writing menus and taking orders!  Yay!

I also hit up A.C. Moore today to use my 50% off coupon.  Click {HERE} for yours.
I found some great clear ABC stamps for $3.00.  I also found this fabulous Owl Bulletin Board Set that I have been DYING for.  Isn't it cute?  I plan to put it outside my classroom door with a sign saying "Kindergarten is a Hoot" or "We're having a Hoot in Kindergarten" and writing each child's name on an owl.  Did you know that if you laminate it and write with a Sharpie, you can erase the marker with a rubber eraser, Mr. Clean magic eraser OR nail polish remover?  All of AC Moore's teaching supplies were 30% off, so it cost me around $9 instead of $12.99.  This is a great deal considering that the same set is on sale on Amazon for $25!

I also bought some small canvases (2 for $5.97) to make some cute signs for the classroom inspired by Abby's ceiling tile art.  I got the idea to use a canvas from Mrs. Propp.


Pamela said...

OMG I had no idea that sharpie could be removed. You have no idea the world of possibilities you have opened up for me! Thanks for the info!

Tara said...

Just found your blog from your guest post at Target Treasures:) What a find! Love your blog and am now your newest follower:))

4th Grade Frolics

Mary said...

Yay :) Thanks ladies!

Erin Lukas said...

That pizza is great for a pizza unit! I did pizza the end of the school year with my pre-k guys and I borrowed that same one from another teacher. I do have to warn you will be finding those little pizza toppings EVERYWHERE! She warned me of that and boy was she right! Even after returning it I was finding them under shelves & even in my book stand!