Six More Days

Can you believe it?  How am I still in school?  Curse you, snow days!  Is anyone else in the universe still in school?

In other news, I am super busy baking cookies and cupcakes for our Hollywood Endings publishing party tomorrow.  This little lady is my "fancy" inspiration.  Not only are the kids super excited, but the parents seem to be excited too.  I can't wait!  My friend Kendra came over to help me bind all of the kid's best work into a beautiful book.  Yay Kendra!  I can't wait to take pictures and write about how much fun we have tomorrow.


Pat's Paper Passion said...

Sorry to hear you're still in school. When do you start this fall? In Nebraska if we go over our snow days I think they just call it an 'act of God' and let it pass unless it's a lot. Have a fun 'fancy' day...should be fun.

Kendra said...

I'm so so so excited for this!!!