Our Movie Star Publishing Party

Thank you so much to Sarah at First Grader... At Last! for the fabulous party theme idea.  I also got a few ideas here.  I just couldn't resist the thought of the little ones dressed up as movie stars.
This sign pointed to the Red Carpet (just a long sheet of bulletin board paper)

 This is our Hollywood sign in the block area.  We used it as a photo booth
 This is a box of celebrity props that the kids could use to pose (microphone, director's clapboard, boa, sunglasses, etc).  They loved it, and the parents did too!
 They loved directing their friends

I was so busy at the party that I did not have time to take any more pictures!
For food, I made star cupcakes with edible silver glitter.
We also had an adorable wall that said "And the nominees are..." and everybody had a star with their name and picture on it.  They loved it!

The children also shared their published stories with their parents.  I could shoot myself for not getting a photo of one of their books!  They chose their best work and I bound the stories into a book using my handy binding machine.  My favorite part of the books was the About the Author page.  I interviewed each child and typed it up real quick.  I adore the random answers.  For older students, you could have them write it themselves.  How cute is that?

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