Organize Your Life

Have you seen this amazing life organizing binder from Mrs. I's Class?  It is magical how it combines real life and school life into one place.  I also love her free download lists.  There's nothing I love more than lists.  I am making a binder as we speak!

My biggest goal before the end of the school year (YES, WE STILL HAVE 12 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL) is to organize my "closet."  First, I should explain that I do not even actually have a closet or any built in shelving or storage whatsoever.  I rigged up a thin pipe that hangs from my classroom ceiling, and hung a bright, fun shower curtain to section off a small part of the room into a closet area.  However, as you can imagine it is super disorganized and hard to store things in.  Sarah from First Grader... At Last! has inspired me with her closet makeover.  Check it out {HERE}.  Stay tuned for updates!

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