Field Trips Galore

It feels like we have been going on about eleventy billion field trips lately, which is great!  Two weeks ago we went to Boston Common to ride the swan boats, last week we visited a local farm and tomorrow we are going to the Zoo!

To be completely honest, field trips stress me out to no end.  BUT the things my kids learn on field trips are endless.  They are city kids, and many of them do not go on many outings and adventures.  I am always amazed at the vocabulary they learn and the connections that they make.

We read Make Way for Ducklings about four times, and then we followed a similar route that the ducklings do in the book.  The kids were searching for Michael the Policeman and were amazed that we were in the same pond from the book.  They screamed "THERE'S MR. AND MRS. MALLARD!"  They were especially excited to find the statues of Mrs. Mallard and her eight ducklings in the park.  How adorable is this?!?

The farm is my personal favorite field trip of the year.  It is a small farm run by the Audobon Society, so it is centered around learning and family experiences.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip (please excuse the terrible photo quality... they are from my cell phone camera):
 The kids loved this hen and her "fancy hat"

 The barn

 Adorable lambs


 The kids thought that these goats were dogs at first... so funny!

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