Father's Day Ideas

This might be a little late, but here are two of my favorite Father's Day ideas.

The first idea was dreamed up by our fabulous para, Ms. C.  Each child picks his or her father's favorite color, and a coordinating color for the tie and pocket square.  They then decorate the tie and pocket square any way they like (polka dots, lines, stars, squiggly lines, etc).

This is a relatively simple project to make.

1. Fold a sheet of construction paper in half "hamburger style."
2. Cut about one inch off of the top of the left side of the paper, and cut about two inches from either side of the right half of the paper to make two tabs (see diagram).
3. Glue the tie onto the front of the card.
4. Fold and glue each tab down on top of the tie to make the shirt collar.
5.  Add the pocket square and buttons.

The second idea is a super cute poem that was given to me by a friend down the hall.  Of course, I had to jazz it up a little with fonts.  You can download the poem for free at my TPT store {HERE}. Just have each child do one painted footprint and voila!  I will be mounting the poem on construction paper and laminating it (hopefully).  You could even create a child-made frame if you were feeling really inspired.  Enjoy!

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