Vegetable Soup

We have had a great week learning about vegetables in our Things That Grow unit.  We decided that making soup would be a great activity to extend our students' learning.  First, we sent home a letter asking families to contribute.  This was a great way to involve parents.  Unfortunately, we ended up huge piles of carrots and potatoes, and hardly any other vegetables.  Next year I might try to delegate so that this doesn't happen!
The kids took turns chopping veggies with butter knives.  They LOVED this, and it was a great way to sneak in a little fine motor.
While they were chopping, we heated up 3 bottles of water and a can of chicken broth in the crock pot.  Then, they slid their veggies into the pot.  
 It cooked for about 4 and a half hours, throwing in about 8 chicken bouillon cubes along the way to add a little flavor.  We served it up right before dismissal time and the kids loved it!  And I have to admit, it was a lot tastier than I thought it would be.

The kids were so inspired by our vegetable soup and vegetable books that they were spontaneously painting veggies at the easel.  Love it!

We also did some vegetable graphing during math time.  You can download this activity {HERE}.

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