Management Tip

This is the simplest little trick that completely changed the way that I do guided reading and small group activities.  I found that the group I was working with was being constantly interrupted for super trivial things like "Can I get a tissue?" (of course!) or "I can't find a pencil" (they are where they ALWAYS are!).  I grabbed a Hawaiian lei out of the dramatic play area and it became my super-special, do-not-interrupt-me-unless-there-is-an-emergency necklace.  I taught the children that they could talk to me only for the two B's: bathroom and blood.  Gross, I know but they really got it.  It cut down on the amount of interruptions by about 90% and we got so much more done!  They became so well trained that if I forgot to take the necklace off after guided reading, the kids would not talk to me until I took it off.  I highly recommend this little trick.  It could be done with any bright necklace that the kids will notice right away.  Grab a little adhesive hook and hang it up behind your guided reading table.  Enjoy!


Unknown said...

in my room it's the 3 Bs- blood, barfing or broken bones-- which, every year one kid shouts out that that's really 4 Bs.

i like the visual of the lei- i may try that!

Miss Kindergarten said...

hahaha the best is when they say "she looked at me funny". Oy! Great idea! Thanks for linking up :)


Jennifer @ Simply Kinder said...

Mine is actually the 4 B's... blood, barf, bones... and the recently added... really bad bathroom! =)

I love the necklace idea. I am going to steal that shamelessly! =) The students will really have to think about if they want to grab that necklace or not! I love it!

I have got so many ideas from blogging in just 1 week! I don't know how to keep them all straight! I am going to have to figure that out soon!

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