End of the Year Ideas

Okay, I have to admit it... I am SUPER jealous of those of you who are all done or almost done with school.  We still have 19 days and I don't know who is more ready to be done... me or the kids!

I am trying to brainstorm a super fun but educational celebration for the last week of school.  At our school, we can't just have parties for the sake of a party.  They need to have an educational focus.  SO I am thinking that we will have a publishing party.  My kiddos have been working hard and I am super proud of all of the progress they have made this year.  About half of them came in not even being able to write their names, and now they can write whole stories with invented spelling, sight words, spacing and punctuation!  Woo hoo!  I am planning to collect their best work and make it into a published book that they can share with their families on our special party day.

I have also been collecting some fabulous ideas from some fabulous bloggers:

  • Mrs. Tabb had a summer send off that included a photo booth for the parents to take pictures of their kids. 
  • She also provided materials for kids and parents to make books so that the little ones can keep writing all summer long!
  • Mrs. Cooley had a Hollywood Ending themed party.  I LOVE this creative idea, and I would DIE to see the little ones decked out in their fanciest outfits!
  • I love this end of year gift idea from Little Miss Glamour goes to Kindergarten.  My kids will love this personalized writing book.  I am thinking of adding their photo to the cover to personalize it even more.  I will also add my own writing prompts.  I am also thinking of adding an incentive, like if they bring in their finished notebook in September, they can choose a prize from my treasure chest.  Thank you for this great idea!

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