End of the Year Fun!

What's the Buzz in First is having a linky party about fun things to do at the end of the school year.  Here are a few traditions in my classroom.

Final Field Trip
We always take a field trip to the Boston Common to ride the swan boats and find the famous bronze ducklings from Robert McCloskey's Make Way for Ducklings.  We take a picnic lunch and eat together in the park.  This is a really fun and special memory for the little ones, and they always remember it for years to come. 

Movie Party
At my school, all of the items in every classroom has to be completely packed up in boxes, and all of the furniture pushed into one corner by the last day of school.  Of course, this is crazy and stressful for teachers to find the time to do all of this (especially in a kindergarten room that has thousands of manipulatives!).  The best solution that we have come up with is to have a movie party. I connect the projector to my laptop and play a movie on the wall, just like in a movie theater.  We give each child popcorn and a drink, and we all pretend that we are at the movies.  They love it, and it gives the teachers an opportunity to pack up and organize.  Of course, this works best on a rainy, yucky day!

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