Listening Center Response Cards

I am on school vacation this week (woo hoo!) and could not be happier.  But of course, I am still thinking about school and have a couple projects to do this week.

I just found these great listening center cards from Mrs. Randall's Learning Library.  They guide students with specific questions to discuss after listening to a book at the listening center.  I LOVE this idea.  Most of my class is ELL students, and the listening center helps them gain fluency and comprehension in English.  I love the idea of pushing them a bit farther with questions to develop their comprehension skills.

A few of my kiddos can read the questions independently, but those who can't can ask for assistance from a friend or teacher.  I already printed these suckers out, and I plan to mount them on cardstock or scrapbook paper, laminate them and put them on a binder ring to leave at the listening center.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for linking up! I just printed out the same LC response cards. I plan to rotate them in with the response forms. I also have a high percentage of ELL students & find the listening centers to be extremely important in their instruction.
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