The Grand Opening of my TPT Store!

I am just launching my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and I would like to offer you, dear readers, some free downloads to enjoy!
My favorites are the Animal Mini Word Wall and Animal Writing Prompt & Art Activity.  These two activities go hand in hand.  I printed out the two word walls on cardstock, trimmed them to 8 x 10" and put them (back to back) inside one of those clear display stands from Christmas Tree Shops.  The kids then use them to brainstorm what pet they would have if they could pick any pet in the world... from a cat to a camel and anything in between.  This is also a great vocabulary builder.  The little ones did this in our writing center today and LOVED it.  They were cracking up thinking of all the crazy pets they might choose.  (Oops... I forgot to take pictures.  Coming soon!)

This is my favorite book to use with this activity!


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Kendra said...

I'm sad to have missed it but excited to check in tomorrow. Sounds adorable. Did anyone choose an Easter bunny?