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I was just perusing Deanna Jump's blog, and I found two fabulous activities that she created.  The first is Stretchy the Word Snake... perfect for guided reading!  Just print, laminate and teach the children how to segment words.  You could also use this as an independent literacy center after you have taught it.  I am thinking about making some picture cards of three letter words to go along with it.
 The second activity is Word Detective.  The children use a magnifying glass to read sight words.  Then they record their words on a recording sheet.  They will love this!  You can find both activities here.

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Miss Kindergarten said...

These are so cute! Thanks for linking them! So about my farm books: I had the students write about the animals they saw at the farm during our journal writing for the week. Then I stapled all of the writing together {it ended up being 4 pages} and the kids created the barn as the journal cover. The barn shape and white rectangles were pre-cut and I just showed my kiddos how to make it look like a barn door. They loved it. Farm field trips are so fun! :)

Miss Kindergarten