I have gotten a few questions asking me what I use for curriculum.  Here it is:

It is important to note that I am now teaching what my district calls "K1" which is a kindergarten program for four year olds.  I guess you could call it pre-k, but it is much more academic than many people think.  I taught K2 (regular kindergarten) for two years and am on my second year in K1.

I love the OWL curriculum because it is thematic and play based, and you can change the centers often based on what the children are interested in.  OWL is a literacy curriculum that incorporates great literature, poems and songs.  There is also a socio-emotional component and a science component.

The building blocks math is great too!  In my opinion, it is actually more advanced than the math we used in K2.  Lastly, the genres of writing is not so much a curriculum.  My school is lucky to be working with a professor who is teaching us how to implement this style of teaching.  Right now, my little ones are about to start writing animal reports!

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