On Friday, a little boy came running over to me during center time.  He had been sitting with a group of friends building habitats for small plastic ocean animals.  Very upset, he said "Ms. P!  So-and-So called me a sucker!"

I called So-and-So over and asked him why he was being mean to his friend.  His eyes filled up with tears and he explained "I.. was... just... talking... about... the things on the octopus' arms that help him catch his food!"  So cute!  I comforted the poor little guy and we had an impromptu lesson in octopus body parts.


Kristen said...

This is adorable!!

Thanks for the nice message on my blog! Those signs are actually on my business site, Ladybug Teaching Resources:

Thanks again, I'm a follower now!

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Mary said...

Thanks so much, Kristen! I just wrote a post about two of your fabulous organization ideas!

Mel D said...

Thanks for linking up! That is too cute! I can totally seeing that happen in my classroom. :o)
Peace, Mel D
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