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We just wrapped up the last of our super fun Dr. Seuss activities.  I made a quick and easy rhyming game using Cat in the Hat cutouts from the local teacher store for about $4.  I printed out some cute, colorful rhyming pictures from Mailbox Magazine online (but you could very easily make your own!), glued them to the back of the hats and laminated them.  Voila!  A super easy and fun rhyming game that the kids were crazy for.

We used it as a memory game.  Each child flipped over two hats.  If they got a rhyming pair, they kept the pair.  Not only does this teach rhyming, but it works on memory, turn taking and strategy as well.  You could also use these rhyming hats for writing prompts, creating your own silly Seuss sentences and more!


This is how our Cat in the Hat self portraits turned out... very cute, if I do say so myself!  I did a mini-lesson on drawing a face using multicultural colored pencils and crayons.  Then the kids drew themselves, and added a hat and a bowtie.  The sign above the display says "Oh, the faces you'll meet without leaving your seat!"  (This idea is from What the Teacher Wants).

You can download the sign here.  The font I used is Oh {Photo} Shoot.  Unfortunately it will not stay formatted in this document.

Dr. Seuss

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Kendra said...

Saw the display in the hall--so adorable!