Scholastic Book Clubs

Like many teachers, I am completely in love with Scholastic Book Clubs.  I send home the Firefly flyers each month, and my students love it!  The September flyer had many books for $3 or less.  I cannot recommend Scholastic enough, especially for new teachers who need to build their classroom libraries.  Scholastic gives new teachers free books!  It is also great for building a borrowing library... books that your children can bring home and then return to you.

Every month, I send the flyer home with a short list of "teacher recommendations"... I usually choose quality books that are inexpensive.  This helps parents narrow down their choices and also helps to get more high quality literature into the home.  I also remind parents that every book they buy from Scholastic helps us to buy books for our classroom library.  A new feature that Scholastic has is online parent ordering.  I love this because for each online parent order, I get a coupon worth $3 in books.  

In the September order, I purchased a $1 copy of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom for each of my students.  I will give this to them as a holiday gift along with a CD that has the Chicka Chicka song and other classroom favorites on it... super cute, educational and inexpensive gift!

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